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Clients usually call on us when

  • they're producing an important document
  • the document is to be written by internal experts, often by a group and over a long period
  • the document is aimed at either a non-expert or an external readership
  • either the document itself is very large or it draws on, summarises or synthesises a large amount of information.

We help to ensure that the final output is

  • clear in both its structure and its language
  • comprehensive: the document does all it says it will do and meets any external requirements
  • coherent: a single storyline is evident throughout; there are no internal contradictions, no loose ends and no loopholes
  • consistent: the same viewpoint is expressed throughout, the same tone is used throughout
  • convincing: the document makes its case effectively, without relying on waffle.

We are not in the least afraid of asking stupid questions: if we don't understand something, or if part of the case seems unconvincing, we'll say so. Our job is to spot any problems early, so that the intended readers won't do so.






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