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To avoid any misunderstandings, it might be helpful if we distinguished between our services and those of other specialists you may engage. We are of course happy to cooperate with such specialists when required.

We often find — especially when a document has had several authors — that the typing and layout need sorting out. We are competent users of word-processing software, and we'll fix any problems we find. However, if all you want is a basic typing job, then you don't need us: there are cheaper options.

Similarly, we'll sort out any problems with grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling. We'll do that as part of our work on the document. However, if all you want is a copy-editing job, you have cheaper options.

Our output will be a neat, professional-looking document, but if you want a more exciting layout you'll need to engage a graphic designer or layout artist.

Finally, our expertise is in explaining things, not in selling them. Naturally, we'll try to present your organisation, case, product or service in the best possible light, but we are not marketing or PR consultants.






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